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Dear ,
I am a 15 year old south Asian girl.i am not proper healthy.
.actually i can feel some lumps inside my breasts.And they are big in size.i mean it feels that my whole breast is a lump.But my both breasts are same in size..and the color is also same..nothing can be seen from the outside.There are also some very little pimple around my nipples .But i don't thing that they are harmful.cause they are painless.But the lumps which are inside the breast pain when i touch it. when i wear bra i think then the pain grows.I have two lumps inside my right breast .One lump is in the upper right side of the breast and another one is in the lower left side of the breast.and left breast has the same thing ...i mean one lump is in the upper left side and another one is in the lower right side of the breast.Hope you will understand what i am trying to say.

I mean both of my breasts have the same lumps.And they are same in size and also in the same place.and my nipples sometimes become inverted ...but there is no nipple discharge.And my nipples are very small in size.....and i have also menstrual problems....My monthly period is not very regular.......i eat proper and healthy foods,but i don't have a healthy,grown up body....this is also a problem....

I have also a peanut size lump under my right arm almost from 2 years......but it never is very little and seems that its attached with my muscles...........................i am very scared as i have the breast cancer symptoms...i haven't consult a doctor yet.Do you think its cancer?if its not then what is it?Please help me.i am very worried...hope this is not cancer...please reply as soon as possible.and please ask me if you need something to know.



please go see a doctor