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Hello there,

This is my first time that I am using some forum to find out some things about some weight loss pills, but I need to find out more.

As I am lady who gave a birth to my third child, I got fat. I am not sure how to lose my pounds anymore, because I  have to say that I’ve tried a lot of things.

Now, one friend told me to use Calorad weight loss supplement and I want to know more about it.

Can you tell me what is the proper use of Colorad weight loss supplement?

Thank you very much. 


Hello Guest,

Do you know anything about those diet pills, do you know are you able to use them or not? That is very, very important, because you should never use some diet pill just because you have heard about.

Now, about this diet suppressant, you have all in the box how you should use it. So, you use it just like diet suppressant. Remember, do not use Calorad as a meal replacement, because it contains no vitamins or minerals that your body needs.

You can use it always, but avoid this situations.

Is this helpful? I hope so. Regards! 



Hey there,

Well, the best thing that you can do when you use this weight loss supplement is to be a bodybuilder :) LOL :)

I am joking, I hope that you know that. I have to say that this is really powerful weight loss supplement. You can use them after your meals, drink a lot of water. My brother told me so, that is not my opinion. When you use them, you really should drink water as much as you can.

You will see some progress, I hope so, very soon. You can lose your pounds if you use this diet supplement at the right way,