Hi. I am 26, mom of 2, and I have had issues urinating since high school. I never go.

Ever since high school, I have been able to drink large quantities of liquids, and will not urinate for days. It was great back then, when you wanted to go on long road trips, but it started worrying me when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Even pregnant, when you are supposed to have to go "all the time" I only ever went every 2 or 3 days.

Most recently, I went to the doctor the other day, and she needed a urine sample for some tests. I had not urinated in 2 days, so I figured it would be easy. Nope. I drank a bottle of cranberry juice, and no less than 10 bottles of water, still I could not urinate. I drank water all the next day, nothing. Finally, this morning, day 3, I urinated for her. My tests there came out ok, but she says I should see a urologist.

Has anyone here ever seen this? Should I see a urologist? Is it normal for people to just have extra large bladders and not need to go as often?

Please help!