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I have had acne since the 3rd grade.
I am in 6th grade now and still have it.
I take medication and put stuff on it from
the doc.It is all over my face and sometimes
it appears on my shoulders and back.
Are there any things people have tried?
Like natural stuff or something like that,
that really does work. I am losing all hope.
HELP!!! !


Don't lose all hope. Look at how many teens have acne and how many adults have it.

It isn't obvious, but you're going to be getting spots over your body for the rest of your life, where pores become blocked, hairs trapped, skin can't breathe, you name it.

The skin is second only to your lungs for its importance in breathing (watch Goldfinger and see what happens if you paint your entire body with gold - not recommended) and second only to your intestine and kidneys / urinary tract for excretion.

Right now your body has an incredibly rich diet of hormones etc that it's processing, and the skin is just doing its job of binning the excess.

Not very cool, but every teen is prone to it, and every adult remembers and feels a sense of relief that that's over. Never entirely, as noted, but largely.

If medical science comes up with a solution, good for them, and you, but if it isn't disfiguring (smallpox leaves damaged skin, acne generally does not), then there's a certain element of attempting to turn back the tide: for the time being, it may not be the news you want to hear, but odds are, it will subside in time, and then you'll have plenty of other things to worry about.

It may b****r up the prom, or other US school rituals (I'm UK, so only know about such from Twilight et al), but you're not the first, not the last, and it will pass.... almost certainly.

If medical science solves the problem in the meantime, you're a winner.


If you do want to try some additional strategies, bearing in mind that it's a cleansing issue (cleansing, as in detox, not cleanliness as in hygiene) they the following may have some impact, but for as long as growth hormones are raging, it may not be a lot:

- always: drink lots of water (up to 2L a day) irrespective of this issue, and not in 2x 1 litre 'gulps'

We are 70% water, and it is transport, cleansing, solvent, infrastructure, electrolyte, you name it, water is important to it in our bodies

- breathing: I've already told you that the skin breathes, and excretes, well so do the lungs (hence bad breath)

Deep breathing, breathing exercises increase that exchange, leaving less for your skin to deal with

- colonics (gross, but... also they are probably something that may require either adult permission, adult supervision, or simply not recommended for under 18) : if you think what comes out of your backside is bad, think about what's left behind: colonics are considered highly effective, and again, the better your intestine works to excrete waste, the less the skin has to do

- metabolism, exercise, sweat: the more you burn inside, the more the body needs resources instead of throwing them away

Not saying that jocks don't get acne, but every little helps, plus sweating clears the pores, provided of course you shower to rinse away the debris. Fail to shower after exercise, and odds are you simply block more pores.

- diet, as in content, NOT reduction: your body is growing, don't starve it. Planes without fuel crash. It may not be obvious, but the same holds true for bodies. This is about giving your body what it needs, without indulging in excess that has to be excreted, guess where. If you're craving meat, steak, whatever, eat it. Ditto fries. Pregnant women and growing children both have food cravings for the same reason: their body needs resources that adults in stable bodies don't require.

The trick is to eat moderately, as often as your body (not your boredom) needs it. I'm all for Big Macs and Pizza, but they're rich foods, and living on them is just excess for you to process.

Basically, the better you feel, the more alive, the more vital, the better your body is working. Doesn't guarantee to remove acne, but may help, and anyway, better to be alive and vibrant with acne, than miserable with acne, and if it helps, great.


That's 'under 18' - how did a smiley get in there? Shucks.