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how do i get rid of really bad psoriasis?


Since no one else has replied, I can only suggest that you go to the web on this one, or try the 'ask expert' section in 'contact us' at the bottom of the page (enter your query, and select 'ask expert' in the drop down list), or visit your doctor.

If all else fails, and I do know it's a non-trivial issue, then you might have to take a long-term, methodical and experimental view on this.

The body is a system, complex, but ultimately rational. If the web etc. aren't giving you quick fix answers, (and looking at the wiki entry, the bottom line is that it is considered to be genetic, recurring, ie: no quick fix), then you can take the view that you're as much an expert as anyone.

Since it's 'genetic', then the bad news up front is that it's a fundamental part of you, not an 'external' virus or bacteria living within you, but not really, genetically 'you'.

Without pretending to have the answers, avenues you can explore are:

- as a skin condition, the skin itself is a primary organ of the body, responsible for breathing (as well as the lungs) and excreting (as well as kidney/intestine), so it's far more than a 'wrapper' for the body.

- as such, obvious candidates for changing the conditions of your body and affecting the condition of your skin are:

- diet - for content, ph balance, protein vs carb, dairy etc
- vitamins - we grow up taking them, but there's a reason, they are powerful triggers/integral to proper functioning of the body
- waste - if the lungs / kidneys / intestine take up more of the load, maybe skin can heal better
-- to whit: colonic irrigation, breathing exercises, plenty of water

- if you work through those, and no impact and barring further progress with medical science, I have to admit to a background in alternative, new age, so these are available for you to explore, not recommendations

-- 'weak' technologies such as homeopathy - weak doesn't mean ineffective, perhaps subtle would be a better word
- acupuncture of course (though I've personally had only mild enthusiasm for it, others have found it very effective)
- reflexology is great, though I cannot say it is particularly relevant - massively effective in stress relief an devery litle helps

beyond those, you're really getting into 'deep' subjects, really beyond those I can feel comfortable legitimately recommending on a 'normal' physical health site, but given that science seems to be saying it can't really help, in for a penny, in for a pound.

- healing, particularly reiki, but also deep tissue massage (and associated healing), tai chi, chi-kung

Ironically, though furthest removed from 'science' these are the easist for me to recommend and vouch for, as they are my background.

We are energy systems, and energy is very real (even physicists admit that! they just don't associate it with healing)

Find a legitimate healer (reiki is very good, and I have a lot of respect for it) and you will certainly benefit - though it may have no effect on the psoriasis per se, cf: reflexology, good for you, just not the answer you seek.

Speaking of answers, if all else fails, ask. I really cannot discuss more than this here, in good faith, but if you start to explore this area, you can decide how far to go, who to ask, and how.

None of it is by any means guaranteed, given the medical industry's difficulty to resolve it, but if you approach it with a due amount of circumspection, it may be both fascinating, beneficial, and perhaps even effective to your particular need.

Normal common sense applies: don't invest heavily or hand over money to medical or new age practitioners beyond a modest amount that you can afford, and which seems reasonable for services rendered. Don't commit to long treatments if you don't get immediate benefit. The pharmaceutical industry is no saint, and nor sadly are many people who will happily take your money, though I would say that the general level of integrity is high, if you first locate a specialist bookshop in your areas.

The latter is all entirely optional, as is any possible avenue, but in the absence of a clear solution in traditional medicine, there is no harm in a little cautious exploration over the fence, so to speak.