I am Fifteen years old and I have recently discovered red bumps around my pubic area, under my testicles and on my scrotum. I do shave my pubic hair, but not all of it. I am a virgin. I take physical education in a public high school. I first started noticing the bumps about two months ago almost, a bump appeared on the upper right side of my err.. sac. It was adjacent to my scrotum. I figured it was a pimple, which it was, so I popped it. But later my legs and bottom began to itch, along with my genital region. Now my whole body itches. Someone in close contact with me had Scabies, I think, but we were never around each other at the time, months later (after they had gotten rid of it) they have come in close contact with me. I don't think that's what is on my testicles but my whole body is itching especially around that area. I would love some help if any is out there. Also, I may have recently shared a razor with them. Unsure about that.This post took an extra fifteen minutes to make due to scratching, help would be much appreciated.