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Hi im 21 , i have these very small little white bumps on my scrotum and the area where my pubic hair grows. I have had the ones on my scrotum sac for a couple of years now and the ones where my pubic hairs they occured just recently. I do shave that general area. Im scared and dont know what it is. They dont hurt, nor do they blister or puss or leak. They get no bigger then the size of a pin point.ive tried to pop them but nothing really happens, and if i can get it to pop it will bleed for a little bit not much though. Im wondering if it is ingrown hair bumps. But im curious to why it takes so long for them to go away. I have done research i have no syptoms of herpes or genetial warts. So if some one could please asist me on what could be the problem i would really apperciate it. Please email me back or instant message me on aim. screen name is : wakingup4nothing

please help

thanks ryan


This is interesting, i have the same issue. I shaved for years and have let it grow out for the last couple of years. I have had sex with various women, so i'm just trying to make sure i don't have an std. I was tested a few years ago, while i had the bumps and everything was negative? So i don't know man.