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Hi everyone,

The past week I have been experiencing itching under my breasts - at first I thought it could be irritation from my bra etc. but I have tried everything and it still won't go away. Now I have noticed small stretch mark like marks on the sides of my breast also. As well as this my nipples have become very sore and my breasts seem to have increased in size. 

I am due a period in two week, it could just be because of that, but I have never experienced anything like that before...hence why I am wondering what it is. Could I be pregnant or is it too soon to be having symptoms like this - I will do a test I think, but I can't just yet because it is too soon.

Any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks :)


Well, it is very possible that it could be from pregnancy... It is really hard to say WHEN is "typical" for those types of symptoms, because it is a variable-different for every person. If it has only been 2 weeks since your last cycle, but you have had unprotected sex, I would say it is a little bit early, but still possible. Some people (just like with puberty!) just have different things kick in faster. It all has to do with individual hormones, just like some people can get a positive test 1 day after their missed period & some people have to wait 2 months to get a positive home test... Good luck, though!