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i have a stretchmark problem on my inner&outer thighs hips love handles and butt. i am only 18 yrs old right now and i have been getting stretch marks since i was 14. i dont understand why i get these marks, i am not big at all!

in fact i started getting them when i was a size 00 jeans. its not fair i mean i want to have kids some day but im scared that after that my body will be absolutely ruined! i HATE the marks i have now, i dont want to have them all over my belly too!

what can help increase the elasticity of my skin over the years so when im ready to have a kid my skin will be a little more comfortable with the growing it is going to have to do?



Your condition isn't strange. Women and men of all ages have them! However, women are mostly prone to get stretchmarks either because of drastic weight gain/loss, pregnancy or plain simple Genetics as someone commented in another post. As you said, it doesn't matter if you are size 00 or 22, male or female we are all prone to get them, one more than others. Don't despair.

You asked how could you avoid stretchmarks or get your body ready for when you are going to conceive? Well, the only thing you can try and do to "sort of lessen the changes" of developing stretchmarks" is to keep your skin super moisturized. My pregnant friend used to use a cocoa butter lotion along with baby oil basically all over her torso, breasts, back and areas where you are prone and she said that helped a lot.

You can also talk to your dermatologist but I doubt he'd tell you anything different from the aforementioned above.

Hope that help.. love yourself for who you are and stay healthy :D