So I think my case may be somewhat different than the others that I've read about. I experience most of the same symptoms, those being itchiness of the urethra but no pain and its physically hard to pee, not that hard but i can tell there is some sort of resistance so I'm inclined to believe it's inflammation causing the problem. But what's causing the inflammation is what I'm worried about. A couple of weeks ago i had unprotected vaginal sex with this girl who later told me she had Chlamydia. Well during intercourse, she started bleeding from her vagina but i didn't stop. So I'm almost certain i have Chlamydia however the itchiness is really bad and from the research I did, it seemed that Chlamydia is a hard thing to notice in males. Well the girl got back to me after she did a series of tests and she found that all she had was Chlamydia, nothing else. So my question is could the bleeding have cause some sort of infection?