A few days ago I noticed my vagina became very itchy. It was right after sex, and the sex hurt a little. I have felt this itch in the same spot before, but this time when I was looking I found a weird white patch of skin on the labia minora. Like its just white skin. It also burns when pee touches that area. Obviously this concerned me and I made an appointment with my OBGYN right away. 

She seemed like she didn't know what to do (she was new also) and said well, we don't know what it is but it's looking like it could be herpes. Obviously I FREAKED OUT. A little background, I have had the same sexual partner for almost 4 years and we are both faithful. I've never had this before so I dont understand how this could be herpes, it also doesn't look like it nor do I have a fever or flu like symtpoms. 

Also, before this I had sex mutlitple times in a row the previous night and used a vibrator that had traces of a perfumed lotion on it. This brand has given me problems before when I used the shower gel down there. Im not sure if this caused an infection but i am really hoping it did. I didn't tell my gyno about this. She kept asking if I've used any products down there but I wasn't thinking of that at the time so I didn't mention it.

I have to wait two weeks for the culture results adn I'm in complete depression and agnoy of this. Ive heard of sooo many people getting false positives for herpes and I just am hoping for any feedback, advice or positive vibes please!!!

Also today I have been getting white discharge more than usual.