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ive been on methdont for 2 year i take 190mg have been for most of the twos i hate going to detox so i was think of just doing it cold turky by myself at home is safe how long will i be sick? cause i rember coming off oxys and hydromorphone and i was not fun at all


Hey partner, you do not want to go cold turkey off of 190.  I've been on 170 for over 20 years so I can assure you that would be a nightmare.  It would be a LOT worse than coming off of oxy and dilaudid.  You could transfer to suboxone but its so expensive and its not pain free either.  You need to do some sort of taper even if its 30mg/day. That would give you 6 or 7 days to withdraw.   10mg/day would be MUCH better , that would give you 3 weeks to detox, which will still be tough.  I don't know what your situation is, so its hard to assess what you need.  The dose of methadone that your on usually would require at least 6 months to a year to wean yourself off.   But cold turkey off of 190 means you are going to suffer terribly, man, so please avoid it if at all possible, OK.    Good Luck to ya.   Rodney