Kaisilver would like to inform readers about the dangers of blind faith in crystal healing and therapies. The Kaisilver support team recently received a query for a 1 inch rough lapis lazuli stone. The buyer had one more requirement, she wanted the stone to be cleansed by our gem cutters. This was because the stone was to be used as a crystal cure for her arthritis condition. While getting a rough lapis is no problem, we could not let the lady believe that the lapis would cure her sickness.

On further email communications, the lady revealed that she was recently diagnosed with severe arthritis and that her doctor's medicine did not 'seem' to be working. On visiting a crystal healer, she was adviced to wear a piece of rough blue lapis lazuli as a pendant or amulet. The lady was keen to give up the medicine that was prescribed by her doctor and turn to crystal healing instead. When the Kaisilver team explained to her about the dangers or replacing professionally recommended treatments or medication with alternate forms of medication, the lady accused us of selling 'fake' gemstones!

While the accusation by the lady does not worry us, we are surely worried about the damage that stopage in her medication could cause her. With convincing books and video lessons advertising the magical and supernatural powers of stones and crystals, it is hard to get a strong believer to trust a jewelry provider with some honest advice. We would like to request all crystal therapy believers NOT to substitute professional medication and advice with any other type of therapies and cures. The damage caused to your health can be severe and even fatal. Please pass this information to your friends and relatives.