I have had an issue with my testicle for about a year. When I first noticed a problem, it was that my left testicle had grown significantly smaller and was softer than the right testicle. Approximatly just under 50% difference. Also there is pain in that testicle and when I have sex I have pains in my abdomen. I went to the doctor and he said that it might have something to do with an accident I had been in at work involving my leg being pinched by some machinery which may have caused me to give myself a hernia. I went to physiotheraphy as per his request and left it at that. Now I have noticed that that testicle, which is still smaller than the other, has become hard and has a very noticeable lump on it. I still am feeling pain with that testicle but do not have the abdomen pains like before during sex. I am going to the doctor today but would like some information of my own so that I don't take his word for things completely. He didn't take my problem very seriously before and so I am concerned he will not take it seriously this time which could result in major problems if it is a major issue. Please provide me with some insight as to what may be going on. Thank you.