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hey i have noticed that my left testicle is signifigantly larger then my right testicle and i was just wondring if that is anything signifigant I am 17 years old and would like to now if anything is wrong thanks


Look, although one testicle is usually a bit larger than another one, a significant difference should be certainly looked at by an urologist. They can just by looking at them or touching tell if something’s wrong and if further testing should be conducted.

Now, the question is if it is a testicle itself that got swollen or the scrotum-a sac that hold the testicles. If testis had swollen, it could be indicating a testicular tumor (although it is more common in man aged 19-35 but you never know). All masses that arise from the testis itself need to be looked at asap. If you notice a lump on top of testis, it could be just a spermatocele, a cyst filled with milky fluid and dead sperm.

If the swelling looks like fluid filled, it could be another form of cyst that occurs between the testis and scrotal walls.

It could also be inguinal hernia, a condition in which a bowel protrudes through the weak abdominal spot and may reach groins and testicles.

Since you have no experience with these things, it would be best if an urologist had a look at it. Good luck!