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Hello there, I'm from Ireland and I really want to go and get my legs waxed.
I am 16, but the hair on my legs is so thick, long an un-sightly, I get embarrased when they're bare, and I can't go swimming.
So I was wondering about it, are there any health risks?
I'm only 16, so will I be denied a wax by a proffesional?
If so, what are the pros and cons of waxing by yourself? Is it possible?
And if it is, what about the um... well my.. you know.. arse?
Sorry, but sometimes you just have to ask the question. :$

Thanks for all the help people, I hope this isn't too much information :-)


You know, you might find it easier just to shave. They make shavers for womens legs and I'm sure they'll work just as well on your legs. I know quite a few men that shave their legs, usually for sports. Could you wax, sure, and it does last longer but it can hurt. Try shaving and see what you think.

You'll also find that most men and women do not shave all the way up to the groin. Don't worry about your arse. If you want to shave everything, go ahead too.

Lots of young guys get very hairy legs. I don't think you really have to feel embarrassed by them.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.


Let me tell you. I have been getting some of the hairier parts of my body taken care of and it's painful, but trust me, go to a professional. The first time I did it I tried it on my own. It was VERY painful and I really messed it up. It's worth the money. Let us kno whow it goes, okay?