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Hello!Im 13 years old and i have strange little red zits in my inner thigh area . Im a male and i havent had sex with anyone whatsoever . Im a bit overweight , but i reguraly run a treadmill in my well ventilated home. Although these do itch on rare occasions  , they are not like mosquito bites since they are small and theres a lot of them .when i use this liquid for acne on my face , the zits start to burn a bit , i get the same sensation from those zits in that area , but a bit stronger and more painful.I popped one of thos things and on the inside i found nothing ( since its small i couldnt see if there was anything in there or not).I used my special cream for burns and rashes and it stopped the redness and ichyness for a while , i used my acne liquid and no affect ( only some pain ) MY face acne is quite harder then the zits i have on my inner thigh and they seem to be more redder then my face acne .

Additional info: My house is well ventalated and more cold then outside ( inside like 25 C , outside like 30-34 C)They dont hurt , only itch rarely , and they start to hurt if i scratch too hard ( like mosquito bites and such) . Everyday when i get up i can feel my armd hurting in my forearm are , but thats because i sleep on that arm and it passes quite quickly only to come back the next morning.


These may be due to sweat or Vitamin A deficiency. Do not rub or squeeze these. Apply rose water on it after 10 minutes wipe it off and sprinkle prickly heat powder. This must help you. If it wont disappear for this consult a doctor