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Hello, i just want to ask. Me and my bf having sex and its my first time. And i got bleed but he doesnt enter all his D in me. Maybe only less than half. And he take it out because i feel hurt. And now im just wondering if im virgin or not. Coz only less dan seconds that his mine is in me. But saddest thing is after we done. He leaves me


Yes, you have technically lost your virginity. You didn't state his size, but the average erect penis is 5½ inches long. That means that even if only half of that length went in, at least 2½ inches did go into your vagina (which itself is probably only about 4 inches). I am sorry he left you, but that so often happens. He is probably now looking for another virgin, who he will then leave. That is one reason why it is best to wait until marriage.

The show of blood indicates that your hymen was probably ruptured, or at least partly so. If you want to know the actual state of your hymen, you could check by using a hand-mirror, or taking a picture. Do you know what you are looking for?