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Last time i weighed myself I was 272 pounds, I'm 6feet and 2 inches, i mainly want to lose weight becuase my skin has started turning black, behind my neck, and on my underarms from being over weight my family is always buying fast food since my mom doesn't have time to cook, i workout during school and at home, but doesn't matter if I keep getting fed fast food so please help me find ways to lose weight please


It would be a good idea to ask your mom if she can buy better selections of fast food for you.  She can get apple fries, yogurt, and grilled chicken sandwiches from the menu at McDonald's and at Wendy's there is chili and baked potatoes (hold the cheese sauce).  Just know what the healthful choices are on the menu and she can get those for you if she does not have time to cook.  You can also ask her for money to get food at the store you can prepare for yourself as well.  You are at the age where you can start learning to prepare simple and healthful meals.  You will start losing weight and the dark spot behind your neck should go away.