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this has not been a good year for me,

to begin with i saved a cat,who bit me quite deeply on the hand,as i was at work at night and had to stay at work as was in charge and ended up going to A and E later on in the morning,who prescribed me with antibiotics,as i am allergic to certain types,i contracted celuitis and the infection spread up the arm.

i ended up in hospital for two and a half days,and could of been for more days but i had responibilities-daughter-and wanted to go home,i am not a person who likes being ill,am quite independant

i was on strong antibiotics for 6/7weeks and towards the end reacted to the ones that i was on,

so was given another type.

in this time i have sufered from both oral and vaginal thrush and after tests found out i have bactirial vaginosos.

i have been treated for thease.

then i have been ill from a virus that was a cold,but did not show real sighns of a cold.

it just seems that i seem to be getting loads of illneses after this event

but to be honest i woke up this morning with swollen lips and went to the doctors,who told me that as i had a blister on my lips last week it was the first time for cold sores-admittedly i had a blister but no tingling!

ok, this may be the case,but i feel so low and and have conmitments work and volenteering wise,that i feel i have to carry on and will do.

has anyone got any good advice for a good tonic that i can use or good suport- i really could do with this

many thanks


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I can sort of relate to this. My daughter became ill 2years ago. A bad kidney infection. Cut a long story short, she was on very strong antibiotics threw a drip in hospital.
She has had 2 years of different infections, none of which she has been able to get rid of herself, always ending up on antibiotics.

Antibiotics reduce your immune system, its a hard slog to get out of the circle.


We asked for help, but not much help given. The doctors just said really a healthy diet is all you need.


Hi Carolel,

sorry to hear about your daughter,never nice to know about children being ill!

the sad thing is sometimes that too many antibiotics do not do the system too well.

just a old ladies remidy please try pearl barly,just boil up the stuff and let it cool down and drink-not a great tast,but helpes with the kidneys-good for cystitis and kidneys,allthough realy if perstant problems you need to see the doctor.

I could not fault my Doctor,but a little more explanation/or suport would of helped,allthough i do understand what pressure and timing and numbers they have to deal with.

on waking up this morning my lips are so,so much more swollen,and after taking paracetamol and eventualy taking dicloflex-for my back,this seems to subside a little-but not much,also scaly and like rinkles-after some swelling gone down.

tonight the edges of my lips are itchy and of course the area around with the mouth and nose and areas are sensitive.

after talking to my sister who's husband sufferes from severl cold sores,was confused as both my lips are swelled up ,

please any clues?