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I just started back running off a mounth break from it. And thus far every run I do my lower right leg starts burning alot like the muscel is being over exercised (Which its not that I am aware of...) my left leg dose fine no trouble out of it, This also happend before I stopped running for a mounth, just not as often, I am getting plenty of potassium in my system (bananas, rasins, etc..) so I am out of ideas to what may be causing it to do this. any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance


Only hurts when you run, right? And it did not hurt before and all other things were the same before the break? Same shoes, same runs, etc.? Does it stop hurting after the run? Does it hurt more or less when you run slower/faster?

I would say check with a doctor. Seems weird. It could be some tightness from running that eventually goes away once you get used to running. It takes me about 1/2 to 1 miles to get warmed up.

Best of luck.


front or back of your leg?

are you stretching GENTLY before or after your workout?

lower leg pain can be referred by any number of places above the spot that may be out of balance or overtight.

are you doing any sort of back stretching/strengthening exercises?