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Hello, guys.

I am recreational runner for almost 30 years. Usually I jog in the morning (6:30) and in the afternoon (around 20:00) and I run for three or four miles. But, recently, I started to experience pain in lower back after running. I know I'm getting older, but that's not the reason I cannot enjoy in relaxation anymore. There must be some other reason for this pain. What can I do to prevent it? And what do you suggest me to do after running? Should I consult my doctor regarding this?

Any advice from professional joggers? :)


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Hello, Marshall. 
As I can see, you have a lot of experience. So, I'll skip some general info such as shoe and stretching recommendation. The next steps in pain prevention include change of running turf (try to jog on grass or soft earth), and strengthening exercises (combine them with running). I suppose your running style haven't changed over the years? If you are unsure about it, ask someone. 
Also, make a little break, a two or three days and start running again. You can take ibuprofen and put an ice compress on the painful spot,as well
If you are still in the pain, after all these alterations, go to your doctor without a delay.

Good luck!