hi everybody,

       i have been suffering from abdominal bloating,burping,burning sensation on my lower and upper abdomin for more then 1 year now.i already saw 3 GI doctors.i have so far done, 3 upper endoscopies,1 catscan,1 clonoscopy and a ultrasound of the abdomin. doctors told me i ,ve  gastritis  because of h.pylori and hemmorriods .i was treated for h.pylori 3 times with in 1 year  and  stool test was done which came out negative. currently i am taking pantoprazole 40mg once a day.but i still have burning sensation on upper and lower abdomin.along with bloating,burping and black tarry stools and nausea sometimes.i am taking probiotics  but nothing helps.please give me some good advice.thank you