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Hello,I am wondering if someone could help meAbout a year or so ago I noticed a lump about the size of a marble under the skin on my right bum cheek (right at the bottom) it doesn't seemed to of changed in size that I can notice and it has never caused me any pain, its kind of hardish... no skin discoloration either.....I just notice it when washing etc...  or if I curl up in to the fetal position and feel it there, it feels larger because it attempts to pop out kind of thing, protrudes more, if you understand. I forget it is even there because it has never caused me any pain. I finally  looked online because it is starting to bug me..... But now I am worried.... has anyone had anything similar or have any advice, it would honestly be appreciated


Hello, I see that you have an issue with a marble-sized lump on your buttock.  I am surprised it does not hurt when you seat on it.  It could be some type of a cyst that has developed there.  If it has not changed in size, color, or depth, it probably is not something to be concerned with.  It isn't doing anything unusual or causing pain so you can probably just leave it alone.  If just having it there is bothersome, it shouldn't take more than a local anesthetic and lancing of the area to remove the cyst.  If you decide to leave it alone, make sure you have it looked at if it becomes painful or it changes in characteristics.  I hope this information helps!