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Hello everyone, I was recently to the doctor again! This time a sleep doctor to see why I am not staying asleep, she prescribed Lunesta and told me to stop the Trazadone, and the Ambien. I am scared, to stop something that has kind of been working. So whats the tale on Lunesta, does it do a body better than Ambien, and Trazadone, or is it another hoax to try to get me to sleep. I guess well see tonight, i will post in the morning. Please leave responses I am curious about this thing with the after taste of metal in your maouth after taking Lunesta... MMM.. sounds like I am another research project for the medical industry as I fell I have been for the last three years!! Josh


Well, It is 630 am and what a horrid night of no sleep, I was looking so forward to this med working, I was excited. But it does not work near the way Trazadone and Ambien togther have worked. I even went to bed on it with a semi empty stomach, as I thought the effects would be stronger. By the way I was started on the 3mg of Lunesta. So I am going to try it for a few more nights, and if it don't work well, then it don't work. Maybe I just need to change my sleep hygein.....ever heard of this.? Going to bed late, waking up early, using the bed for sleep ans sex only, nothing else. That's what the docs say anyway. Oh and the metal taste in your mouth, it is there, it feels like I have braces and about 12 metal tooth fillings. It is not anything to cry over, but geez if this is the taste I am going to have for half the thanks! I slept way better on the Trazadone and Ambien, maybe I need the Ambien CR that help me stay asleep. As well as initiate it too. Well, post a message to my thoughts I am curious what other people are feeling or saying about the ol' Lunseta study in themselves, but then again everyone is very different, and responds to meds in a different manner. I must be really different! =0)

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