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I quit smoking cigarettes in June but I continue to smoke marijuana. I stopped smoking Marijuana approx. Oct. 10th. I am scheduled to take a urine test at the end of October so I can prove I no longer smoke cigarettes to get the CC insurance rebate. Will Cleveland Clinic's test also reveal my usage by this time?


You would have to ask the clinic, which would rather give the game away.

You're going to have to make a guess - and investigation - into what kind of test they're likely to use (if it's an insurance rebate, it must be well documented what test they use: check it out on wikipedia, or google it).

Then you're going to have to find out - more research, more google, into what the test detects, and what are the likelihoods of detection over any period.

If you're going to commit a crime - or seek to avoid being penalised for one - you're going to have to do the research.

Whether you should be punished is a matter for a debating society - whether you can be caught is a matter for you to research.

Good luck - and hey, tell them you just got back from Amsterdam, a private yacht offshore in international waters, your girlfriend's private jet - whatever... as far as I'm aware, it's the act, not the state of your body, that is a criminal act: I'm not saying you could, would, or should get away with it: just that there are places in the world where you can legally smoke pot: for us (I'm UK) it's Amsterdam.

So - that basically makes two criminal posts in a row, once as victim, one as perpetrator - better get my legal counsel in line: it's your life, your research, and nothing I say or do should be interpreted as condoning drug use (and I can say hand on heart it's stupid: I didn't say I hadn't done it, and don't still do it: I just wish I had all the brain cells I'd wasted over the years be doing it. Right now they'd come in handy).

So good luck, do the research, and hope it works out.