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I would like to hear from a woman who has experienced the g spot orgasm and subsequent ejaculation.

In the back of my mind, I remember having sex, my partner having an orgasm and then a lot of extra liquid moisture on me and the's only in retrospect that I realize she must have had an ejaculation.

She was on top when it happened, and I remember she just went silent for a while like she was stunned.

I would love to repeat this......please tell me if you or your lover has really massaged the g spot and brought it to orgasm. I've watched some of the instructional is something that can be induced or does it just sometimes "happen"

I would like to hear a woman tell me "yes, my partner massaged me in the right area and brought me to a non clitoral orgasm and ejaculation" 


The most important thing is g-spot stimulation. And this stimulation can lead to squirting orgasm in some woman which is totally normal and OK, there is nothing weird in having this type of orgasm.

So, yes! You have helped her to have an orgasm and both of you should be happy because of this situation. For a girl, it is maybe a little bit embarrassing when it happens, boy can stay astonished with it, but it is nothing weird.

On contrary, you can hear so many ladies who will tell you that those girls who have that type of orgasms are happy.

So, be happy and love each other. 



Woman can orgasm by just brushing the G-spot with their (or someone else's) fingers. It's not abnormal, and she probably had a squirting orgasm.