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Pretty Simple: Masturbate = 48-72 hrs later Couple Pimples here and there + Greasy Face. A Couple Weeks without Masturbation = Clearer Face and less greasy. 

For all you that say "Science" has not "yet" proved that masturbation has any link with acne, well i and several others have had the same case and have come to a conclusion that indeed Masturbation and acne are linked. Is it possible to say "Science/Researchers" have found it convenient to say Masturbation doesn't cause acne therefore several people have to suffer from Acne because Masturbation is rampant upon humans right off puberty and therefore have to "Buy" acne medications ($OTC/Prescriptions$)? What I'm trying to say is, if people really find out that masturbation is the issue with "Some" not all acne patients, then they will simply stop, and stop consuming acne medication. Therefore affecting the Acne Med Corporations. Is this the true reality? Or just another Pharmaceutical Commercial Strategy? At the expense of Acne sufferers? 

If your going to comment at least be knowledgeable about Acne, preferably someone who has had this issue i would like to hear from you. 


that somtimes happen not to worry it is go away by self