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I'm 17 years old and I'm 1 year into my relationship with my girlfriend. We are very close. We found out she was pregnant around end of last year and got an abortion 3 months later(it was surgical, they put her under anesthetic and used the suction thing), it was extremely difficult for the two of us. We couldn't have the baby because of our age, education, etc. We waited 2 weeks (like the doctor said) till we started to have sex again, She bled on and off for the 2 weeks we waited.
A few days after 2 weeks the condom broke, I felt it break but it was too late for me to remove it because i finished at the same time. (apologies for the graphic detail)
It has been 6 weeks or so since the abortion. She has been bleeding for the 6 weeks on and off. The bleeding starts off really heavy dark brown to dark red, then it lightens up to a red then there's light light brown spotting then it stops for a day or less then starts again. There are few small blood clots. (Again apologies for the graphic detail).
Now my question is she pregnant again? or is it a miscarriage? (I read somewhere on here that there is a high chance of that happening after an abortion because of your body changes) Or is it just normal bleeding as your body is getting used to going back to normal and she is not pregnant?
If she is pregnant again, is it safe for us to get another abortion?

A lot of questions, i know. But it is very concering for the two of because of her health and safety. I do not wish for her to go through more emotional/physical pain.
Help would be very appreciated!



I'm really sorry for your girlfriend, it must have been really hard to go trough surgical abortion at such young age. If she's still bleeding and passing clots after six week she should see her gynecologist. She's probably not pregnant but she really needs to see her doctor.