My husband and I have started trying. Last month I had an ovulation kit and we had intercourse on my fertile days and all the other days (just to make sure;)) Well now my period is late, tested negative a week ago with a hpt. What's troubling me is that 6 days ago I had some slight spotting after intercourse, and then again last night. Not enough for a tampon or pad, but enough to get on him and it shows on the toilet paper right after sex. Then nothing. No period comes. I haven't re-tested for pregnancy in a week. Maybe I tested to early. My Mom (when preg. with me) tested negative until 4 months pregnant. But I'm also worried this could be PCOS or Cervicitis or worse! I've NEVER bled after intercourse so this is confusing! Why all of the sudden. On my last obgyn check up, everything was fine. I've read up on this and it could be the 2 things I just mentioned or period trying to start (which has never happened to me b4), or early pregnancy. But if it's implantation bleeding - why would it be 6 days apart? The spotting is not period-like. It's brownish/black with a little pinkish in it. And it goes away immediately after. (Note: we don't have 'rough' crazy sex - I also read it could be a laceration in the vaginal wall.... I highly doubt that). Any thoughts or experiences please! Thanks!!