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Well Ive been getting (from what it looks like) reoccurring BV or yeast infections, mostly after unprotected sex. Ive been to the doctor twice for this reason and they just give me pills and call it a day. My pap returned LSIL and they told me to come back in a year to because im 17 and Im young enough for my body to clear it up on my own (whatever that means)

My symptoms are itching and burning and a white/grayish thin discharge. It only happens after sex and last for about a week. i just want the pain to go away and I dont know what medicine I need to get if it is BV. theres no lumps or warts from what i can see, just itching and burning and a smelly discharge


I had a bacterial infection a couple of times that sounds like what you say your symptoms are. This was sexually transmitted but easily cured. I got it twice because even though I had taken medicine I did not tell my partner that I taken it or even that anything was wrong, It wasnt until I went back to the DR for the second time that she told me that It was passed through sex. So whatever meds your Doc gives you , be sure to let your partner know that something is going on! Aslo ask your DR if your partner needs a perscription too! My Doctor gave me an antibiotic called metronidazole. It is a powerful medication so it only needs to be taken for a short time, and It works for a variety of bacterial infection. I think the most important thing to do if this is a reoccurance is to talk with your partner. I know it can be hard to do but when I finally told my partner, I found out that his previous girlfriend had been on the same medicine that I was on for the infection, SO this told me that HE was the one that passed it to me! It may be small but it made me feel better to know that it wasnt something I had given to him!! Good Luck, Let me know how it works out for you! :-)