Hi ,

I am 37 years old and married for past 8 years . We are trying for a Baby . I am away from my Country and currently residing in Dubai . My last mestrual Cycle date was 16th August . I did not get my period by the due date . Apart from some brown spottings dated 11 th September 2010. We suspected it to be implantation Bleeding . I took a HCG home test (urine) dated 18th Sept ..and it was negative .I have all other symptoms like Nausea, Dizziness ,breast tenderness and heaviness in them...(size looks a bit bigger & nipples Darkened) ,and I had severe Backache n continued kind since then ...We took another test today ie 27 th Sept and again it's Negative . I am worried now ..Can anyone lemme know ..Can I be still pregnant ? I understand a Doctor's Intervention is necessary ..Planning to go for the Blood test as per the appointment given on Wednesday a day after .? I am really scared now ..is there anything wrong ??? this is Our first trial for pregnancy ..Got late due to other medical reasons ...Fought with Cancer (Bladder) 5 years and now that been told by Doctors I am out of it..we are desperately trying for a Baby in our life ..Please help !