Hi, im 20 years old, and i had the mirena put in last year in september. I have not have any children, and am not planning to for anytime in the near future. When the IUS was put in, it hurt really badly, and i couldnt even stand up, i had to skip making an appointment for the next couple of weeks because i was passing out on the waiting room floor.
Immediately after putting the IUS in, i was bleeding for maybe a week(i assume is normal) and was in excrutiating pain for about 2 weeks. After that there was no pain, and best of all, NO PERIODS!! i was the type of girl to always have really heavy periods that lasted about 2 weeks at a time. To have the freedom of no more cramps, or 5 pads a day for 2 weeks, it was exciting!
There was still pain, though. Sometime when having sex with my boyfriend, if he went in too far, it would feel like he was punching the IUD even farther up.
but now we are the end of August a year later, and i noticed 2 days ago, i was having some cramping, just slightly. And now i have extreme cramping and a light period.
What could this mean? Does this sound similar to anyone else's experience..?