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Hello everyone, 

So I am here because I have been having problems with my Mirena IUD. I have never had a child and I got my IUD inserted about 3 years ago. It is the only birth control I can go on (other than condoms) because of my sister and hormonal birth control (pill and patch) caused her to develop a blood clotting disorder that they have no idea what caused it, almost died twice, and it could possibly happen to me as well since they have no way of testing for it.

I didn't have that many problems when I first got the IUD in. But soon after I started having a little bit of bleeding after intercourse. This happened for about a year, I thought it was due to my strings being too long and my partner even got cut by one of them. I went in and asked for them to be cut but since my OB was busy a different nurse came in and said they were fine and wouldn't cut them.  I was single for a while so I didn't really go back after my partner and I broke up. Now that I am in a committed relationship again and we just started having sex I have noticed horrible pain during intercourse, a feeling as if I am getting impaled by him. (yes he is big but I haven't had that problem with big guys before..) The pain is so bad that I have to take a pain reliever before sex and even then there is still a little bit of pain.


ANYONE else having these problems with their IUD'S??? 


OMG!!! Me too!! I had my daughter over a year ago and i've had the mirena for about 8 months. I haven't had many issues with it until about a couple of weeks ago. It started with a little discomfort and I noticed that i've been spotting more than usual and it's been a really bright red color. Keep in mind I have not had my period since and the few times I did spot the blood was dried and a darkish brown color so this was weird for me. Everytime we have sex now I bleed after, which is not normal for me either and now I am starting to feel pain. My guy is big too but it never hurt before but if feels like he is raming into me everytime and it's so painful that its hard to enjoy anymore. It does not stop there for me.... I have been cramping and my uterus hurts. The other day my daughter's head feel onto my stomach and it took my breath away it was so painful and earlier this morning after I peed... My daughter made me laugh and again I feel pain in my stomach. It's to the point where I cannot hold my pee in for too long because it hurts my uterus and my stomach is so sensitive to everything. I haven't tried to check for the IUD and honestly if I didn't feel the strings I would freak out so I do not know what to look for. I've also been having shoot pains down to my theighs ....... I will be making an appointment next week but I am starting to freak out because if they remove it I cannot afford for them to put another one back in and I am not excited about birth control. Just like you I need answers and I do not know what to do?? or if I am just freaking out for no reason???