I had unprotected intercourse on July 13, 2008. My periods have always been on time on the first of the month. I was ovulating around the time that sex occurred. I had no symptoms up until two days ago when I felt cramping in my right lower abdomen, followed by light red spotting. Last night I had spotting, it was light pink and it wasn't a lot, just a quick wipe and it was gone, and then this morning first thing in the morning I had a brownish discharge. I took an HPT test today and it said negative. Is that because it's too soon? I have period like cramping right now, but it's weird, only on the right side. Could this be implantation bleeding? My period isn't due for a week, and like I said, it's always on time and the cramping doesn't start this early, or feel like this for that matter. Since the neg test today, should I wait until a few days after my period is missed, if that happens?

Question for all: What were your early signs/feelings? I've been trying to conceive and I'm wondering if what I feel is normal. Is it normal for implantation bleeding to take place 8 days after intercourse?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Any information would be great!