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I just need some advice on what i should do or if anyone have had the same symptoms.


I got my period Feb 4. So i was supose to start my period on March 4th. I am ALWAYS regular. So me and my husband have been having unprotected sex just to see if something happens. So a week before my period was supose to start i started getting nauseated and only got sick 1 time then my nausea started to fade and would just be random. So the day my period was supose to start i have been cramping with back pain and dizzy. Thought my period was gonna start but didnt. The end of the day came and i felt the sesnation that i got my period so i went to the bathroom and when i was wiping i felt really slippery and i look at the toilet paper and it was covered in thick boogery like mucus clear with NO smell. I was like what the hell and called over my husband and showed him. I have never had discharge like this before. so now i am 2 days late and still cramping and moody and back pain. Just wondering if this could be a sign of early pregnancy. I took a test today and it was negative. My friend told me it could be a false negative and wait a couple more days then go to a doctor. The thing is a have a big even coming up saturday with tons of drinking and a whole night club rented out. So i wanna know before saturday so i do not drink. Thank everyone please let me know what you think or have any advise. Much apprechiated.


Yeah, made this about a year ago so you must have had you baby by now. Because you were pregnant! Was it a boy or a girl?