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Hey people,

I started to follow nutrisystem diet program last week. So far, it is good. It is not that hard to follow, and I can handle the tempo of this diet program. But, I have to be honest – I sometimes forget what I need to eat, so I cheat :/ And, I don’t want to do that.

The problem is that I have really busy social, personal and business life, and sometimes I don’t have time to think about my meals.

Now, somebody told me that there is mobile application that can help me in this process.

Is it true?

Does nutrisystem have mobile application that really can help you lose your weight?

Thank you! 


Hey there,

Those mobile applications are the best thing that you can possible find on the internet and download them on your mobile phones.

Well, there are 25, I think, the best applications, and I have to say that this one, about nutrisystem mobile application is there, and you can download it. I know that you can download it on your android phones, I don’t know about other operative systems, but I think that you can :)

So, download it and this one can help you lose your weight – I am sure.

Good luck with it! I hope that this app will help you! 



Hey there,

Thank you. But, yesterday, after my topic, my son found and downloaded this application on my android phone :) I have to say that I am pretty stupid for those smart phones lol :) So, I always need some help. I am glad that this application exists, and I am sure that it will be hard to use this application – for me, of course :)

But, I will learn. As long as this one can help me count my calories and lose my weight as well.

Thank you a lot.

Wish me good luck with those modern techniques :)