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I have recently attended my Local dental hospital as I suffer with reacurring mouth ulcers. I was prescribed Dermovate. The pharmacy gave me Dermovate cream. I read the instructions and it says this is to be used as an topical cream on the skin, and is mostly used for the treatment of Psoriasis and eczema. I went back to the pharmacy and asked how it should be applied to mouth ulcers and they them selfs said they never heard of it been used for the treatment of mouth ulcers either. I then phoned the hospital and the receptions says dermovate is commonly used on ulcers. But I am still unsure. Can anyone tell me if they have used it before as a treatment for the mouth as I am uncertain weather or not I have been prescribed the right medication.


Hi there, I don't think that you should do it because it doesn't sound like you got the right medication. Can you go back to your doctor and ask what exactly you are meant to do? Let me know!