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I’ve been having eczema ever since i was a child - steroid creams stopped working long time ago and now I experience more side effects from them then any benefit in slowing down the inflammation. I’ve been trying to use prescription moisturizer, perfume and color free cosmetic products, but I’ve been also researching alternative and natural treatments that could at least somewhat help with redness or itching. I haven’t had much experience with turmeric, but I’ve read that some people have had great success with it in controlling their eczema and psoriasis. Could anyone help me with how exactly do you use turmeric for eczema? Most of what I’ve read was related to psoriasis, but eczema is different condition,

Thanks for your help


Hello Jeannie

Skin conditions are for most times difficult to cure. They have an underlying roots elsewhere. I have used Turmeric as a medication - but not for eczema. Trust me this is slow acting. I tried topical method and then again adding a pinch of turmeric powder to a tumbler of warm milk - drinking this mix resolves most constipation issues and ensures a cure inside out. I am not sure how it may prove useful in your circumstance. Don't just give up on turmeric if you don't see results quickly. There are no harmful side effects either.