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I recently went to my dermatologist because of a flare up on my torso. I thought it was eczema but I was informed that I have guttate psoriasis instead. I've been prescribed with Bethamethasone Dipropinate cream to apply twice daily. I told my doctor that I'm reluctant about using steroids, but she reassured me that it won't be a problem if I don't use it for a long period of time. For the past week I have been applying the cream but I haven't seen any real change or reduction in lesions. I'm guessing this would take time, but I'm still worried about using the steroid cream for prolonged period of time.  I also apply moisturizer after taking bath. Could it be reason why cream doesn't work? Has anyone out there with guttate psoriasis treated it successfully and what have you used, steroid crem or something milder? What OTC cream can you recommend that would treat guttate psoriasis faster?



You know that guttate psoriasis is usually cause by a bacterial infection like strep.  As far as I know there is no best over the counter cream for guttate.  In actuality just about anything that will keep the skin moiste works.  Sometimes flare ups go away on their own in a short period of time while other flare ups take a long time.  I've never used steroid creams.  To keep the skin moist and protected i used ponds cold cream.  I happen to be allergic to a lot of chemicals so whenever I have a skin problem i use ponds.  I've also used Nozema and I find that works.  I don't think your afterbath moisturizer would interfer with your other creams.  Essentially, you're just trying to keep the area moist not kill anything.