I've been addicted to hydrocodone for 8 years. During that eight year period, at times I was addicted to other things, but I was able to kick every habit except for the pain pills. I wish I could quit, god knows I'd have more money if I did, but never the less I continue. The simple answer is "Go to rehab." well, I have a job....that I would lose if I took a month off to sit in rehab. Not only that, I don't think it will do me any good. I'm a fuctioning addict. I sometimes can go a week without using anything. Don't get me wrong that whole week, I'm trying like hell to use. No one would know my dirty little secret unless I told them. I am beautiful, stylist, and to the average person...well, I'm sure they think I've got it all together. Some people say that I've got to hit a bottom to stop. Well, I've done that too. I hate this addiction, and I love it. They say you won't quit until you are ready to quit...well I am, but I'm not. Does anyone else feel this way?