I met the man of my dreams 2 years ago, It took him 6 months to tell me he loved me, but when he finally did, the next day he refused to talk to me, I got NO explanations on why, nothing...i was devastated, so I called his mom and sister, they told me after 5 days of severe crying and confusion, that he was sick, never gave me a name of his sickness, just told me that he is on medication, and that he stopped taking the meds because he loved me and was ashamed of having to be on medication...well, i let it go, i accepted the fact that he was sick....his mother was making him take the meds, threatening that if he didnt take them she would tell me about it...he didnt know i knew...so he took the meds, then at christmas this past year, something similar occurred. so his sister told me to tell him that i knew about it, he was fine with that, I guess relieved...but he never told me anymore details about it, but kept taking the meds, and everything has been OK, well for the last 2 months or so, he has been very distant and not himself at all, meds had to be changed because of his employer changing insurances. I kept asking him if I could call his dr and explain what I had been observing, and offered couples counseling, I offered to go with him to the dr, I told him I would do anything to help him..he refused all offers I made, we ended up breaking up a couple weeks ago...I just want to be part of the process, how can tehre be a relationship with no communication? Am I wrong for having broken up with him? It was so frustrating that I couldnt handle it anymore. I felt that I accepted him for what he had and what he was...but never got any common respect in the end for standing by him, by him including me in the process, we were planning on getting married and buying a house...we even tried having a baby...i am just heartbroken, but felt so not included...did i react in a bad way?