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What do you think about that dirty man who has chased a woman for more than 5 months and when she called him to start over, he rejected her because he wanted t o have sex with her and also pay her for that as he was trying to show her what he has in his wallet, he kept chasing her not because he loved her, because he wanted only to sleep for her and give her some pennies. When she called him, she wanted to stop this game and she was really interested to get to know him but he get her shocked with saying: I will never get married to you and I cannot get married that way, no love stroy, also he hurt her the most when asked her, what are u looking for? He thought she is not virgin because she told him once, she had a very hard childhood, actually, her big brother was a monstor and he was hitting her like a monstor, horrible!

She is very innocent, she thought she might love and get loved, but she could get over him after she realized that she is so simple and her family also, she was blind, she didn't realize that she doesn't belong to his class, she is not poor but she is simple not like him or his family, how come she dared to talk to him, she might be smart but when to comes to love, she is like a kid, she cannot react right when she has to, when someone hurt her, she cannot hurt back because she knows the taste of hurt, she had it many times but now she quit it thankfully. She didn't look at his money, but she missed someone to love her and take care of her, like she is dying to be loved, you see how fair is our life, when she looks at others, she only envys them because they have someone who loves them, she is not weak, she is strong and can take more than anyone can imagine, and I'm sure someday somone will make everything up for her, someone will heal and stop bleeding in her heart, someone who deserves what she can give to him because she has a lot to share, she doesn't share her treasure with anyone yet. Now she wanted only to tell him one thing: Get out of my life as you will never get me or have sex with me, you cannot buy the honors of others, you cannot buy them. She thought he is special but actually, he is just like any dirty person who is trying to sleep with all girls and if she rejected, he will try harder to sleep with her... What do u think about that man.


Everytime I read this, I feel so good about myself. I posted this story her to wake me up wheneve I think of him .... I'm really happy with the end :)