Hello everyone! I'm back again for more answers & opinions! My ex had a baby by someone from a previous relationship 3 years ago. The baby lived for about 2.5 weeks only. Apparently, the cause of the child's death was because the girls placenta had not grown or developed enough for the baby. At 6 months they had to cut the baby out suddenly & he no longer lived after those few weeks. I say all that to say, me & him are now having a baby together. I went to the dr & she told me that she had some concerns about my placenta & she felt that I may be lacking a lot of fluid. Some of her concerns sound like what issues the previous girl had w/my boyfriend & i was wondering if this could have something to do with his DNA? Is it hereditary? Is the baby's lack of fluid or any placenta problems a reflection of what the father produces? I was reading up on it & it also told me about the fetal development AND something called PLACENTA PREVIA. Please feel free to comment! Thank you!