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im 14 year old and i am fat:'(  i need help i am goin to irish collage in 5 months and i want to have a flat stomach. i cry myself to sleep every night my friends at school always call me fat and iall my friends are skinny and i am the odd onr out plzzzzzzzzzz help i am 166.6 pounds (11.90stone) and i want to be a least 8- 9 stone in 5 months can anyone help me plz btw i love to eat :-( plzzzzzzzzz help:'(


how tall are you?? i am 11 stone and i am not fat no one calls me fat. you are young and people at school are horrible everyone used to say i have a big head so i used to try and hide it, it was only till i left school that i realised that i dont have a big head. if you feel you need to loose some weight why dont you try speaking to your doctor or your parents dont do it alone because it can be dangerous. just eat healthy and try going for walks or jogs or something x