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im having this problam at school and would like some advice ok so im 14 and female ok so on monday my friend lilly asked me if i wanted to stay at her house on friday i said yes my friend lilly always has this other girl stay at hers called alicia i dont like her and lilly knows that so any way during the week lilly said its just me staying at hers on friday and that we are going to the movies well i invited some one eals to the movies as well because lilly told me to then lilly said to me alica is staying as well and i said to alica that i invited solme guy so that alixa and him can chill and she turned around and said lilly said we were going to youth and then i turnd to britt and said arnt we gooing to the movies and she said "oh no were going to youth and thenthe movies on saterday"

any way after school my other friend tiffany said alica said to me that lilly was pissed at you and dosnt want you to stay at hers and alica said the samething and then later on that night i called lilly and said " hey do you still whant me to stay at your house on friday and she said yh why wouldnt i and i said because i got told you didnt want me to bla bla bla and she gose no i want you to stay at mine and that she dosnt want alica staying at hers and then befor tiffany rang me andd said can my mum talk to your mum i said yes any way tiffany has told her mum that we were going to youth and that lilly rang her up and asked her to come to youth and then her mum told my mum and because im not allowed at that youth mum thought we were going i told her she is lying and but i dont get it i dont know what to do because tiffany is going to her friends house and i dont know why she is trying to stop me from going to lillys and alica is at lillys every week and she just asumes she is  staying  and lilly is telling me that she dosnt like this other girl yet she dose its so confusing and can really do with some help


ps sorry its so long but hope you can help me :( oh and i havent stayed at hers yet i am to morrow i think


Hi, I read your post, It´s possible she is jealous of you.  What things do they make when your two friends stay at their respective houses?