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i have just turned 15 and i am around 5 foot 1 and i weigh 9 stone 8 pounds.
but i dont need telling thats a lot, as i allready know it.
I used to self harm a lot and have the scars from that still and when i see them i feel bad and just eat more and more.
My mum is my best friend but yet i dont know how to speak to her about anything like this, i didnt tell her when i self harmed she found out when my sleeve fell up and she was so angry and cross and i think she may react the same way about me wanting to lose weight.
I have tried to purge after meals as that way i can still eat, but i cant master it, how do you do it?
My friends at school call me chubby and stuff which i dont really like and it makes me cry at night.
I just wondered if there was any exercises i could do to lose weight really quick as i want to look good as i am going to see lady gaga soon.
or if anyone knows any fast acting diet pills that a 15 year old fat kid can get there hands on that would also be appreaciated :-)



I myself am not proud of how much I wieght. Being 21 and 232 pounds. I use to self harm too, but since ur age have stopped, cause I found out it doesn't help, and realized that I was only pitying myself. My mom was mad when she found out too, but she got over it. Moms never stay mad at their daughters, and no matter what you do, they will always love you. As far as purging after meals, it's not healthy, and does not make you lose weight, it's only kills you, as it becomes an addiction, a fatal addiction. I thought about that when i was younger and decided not to, cause I'm young, and i have the strenght to get up every morning and deal with it myself and start losing weight by exersicing and eating right. And no there are no diet pills for someone your age that would do any good for you. Just pure self confidence and pure will to get up and do the right things for a better you are the only motivation your gonna have for a strong healthy body. As far as the name calling. It will pass, and someone in my opinion doesn't need friends who put them down. When I was ur age, I stopped being friends with some people, because I knew I didn't need people who put me down in life like that. It only feed my negativity more and more. And also your still young! You have so much more time to grow. I was 4'11 at age 15, within a year I grew to 5'3!!!! So stay confient, and strong for yourself, and don't give a sh#t what anybody thinks about you. What matters is what you think about yourself. IF you ever need to talk to someone I'm on here everyday, and I am the most non judgemental person you could ever meet or talk to in life. I promise anyone that. Let me know how everything turns out okay- jill


Hello loola,

As you said that you are 15 yr. old. Please dont take any pills to reduce your weight.
Do the natural things.
And surely you'll get success in it..

Here I've found many tips to reduce weight quickly.

Hope this helps you..!!

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Most useful product for weight loss is xenical (orlistat) 120mg.


Hi rx2gostore,
Do you have any experience with xenical? It would be interesting to hear the positive story.


Since your mom and you are friends, please talk to her. Tell her how you feel about your weight and ask her to help you make better food choices.

Ask her not to buy sodas and junk food if possible. For your reward when working hard on making progress to losing weight and firming up, try rewarding yourself once every couple of weeks with one or two items you shouldn't eat - but only a little. And that means no cheating the rest of the time.

Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Start working out. Walk, run, play with your friends or even your mom. Try to do it an hour every day.

You can do pushups at home. Buy a stability ball to use at home for support and strength. If you have trouble doing squats or lunges because of your weight, get a pole to help you when you are doing squats and lunges. Before you know it, you'll be stronger and can do it on your own. Work on building your strength everyday. Don't overdo it, but do something everyday!

Drink lots of water.

Be Healthy,


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