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I would like to say first that I am not well endowed just average so I know its not my penis size. (sidenote my girlfriend has been ripped open before from too big of a penis). The thing is that my girlfriend gets really wet during sex to the point were we have to stop and wipe off because we both cant feel each other. She tells me that this has never happened before normal its the excat opposite with dryness and needing lub. also she says that she gets so sore afterward and sometimes during, she gets yeast infections alot too. what is the deal? I have been feeling like its just a excuse because she is cheating in me and useing these excuses for not having sex with me.


Well, it sounds like you've got several issues going on here.

First, you say your gf was "ripped up" in the past by a too large penis. That's got to leave some memory scars for her to deal with.
The fact that you're aware of it is good, if you're a patient and supportive guy. It sounds like you are.

Second, you've got trust issues cause you say you've been feeling like she is cheating on you, and using excuses for not having sex with you. That needs to be resolved.

Third, you say she becomes TOO wet. That would seem to be a GOOD thing, but leading to some negatives. First, a very aroused woman will produce a lot of moisture...and some women, when aroused to climax, will also emit a watery substance, that can cut feeling and lubrication. Recently, it's become in fashion to pursue women who "squirt" but this could also just be women who are incredibly turned on.

You might try this: Be a patient and attentive lover, and spread a towel underneath you both, to absorb any excess wetness. Keep a bottle of lube (KY liquid or gel, Wet, Moist, etc) handy... and if you two should experience too much wetness, stop, wipe off, and apply fresh lube of the right consistancy.

Is it possible that you may be lasting much longer than she can? Is she hanging in there to please you, but she's already finished?
If so, perhaps you two could work out an alternation of pleasing each other, or doing more foreplay for you, so that you're father along before you start intercourse. This MIGHT allow you to finish sooner, and not "wear her out".

As for the issue of yeast infections, I'm going to defer to a medical person on a male, I don't have alot of insight that perhaps another woman might.

Ladies? Care to comment?


that sounds like a great idea!! thanks i will try that. I do last pretty long and i never thought about out lasting her! how dumb that never occured to me! thank you so much.