Hi guys/girls,

Im new here and have no idea where to start. Basically my girlfriend well i say girlfriend shes trying to call it a day with me as she no longer wants to be with me. Been together for 1.5 years now and i completely adore her. Her smile lights up my day everyday and I genuinely believe she feels the same for me. This all started around 6-7 months ago where her moods would change, she would have no energy at all, sleeping pattern was gone, not eating drinking or even going out socializing. She works full time thankfully but hates her job, doesn't enjoy going in anymore and always comes home with a really bad attitude towards me. She can say some very nasty things directly towards me out of the blue and says she hates me. Breaks my heart knowing how much i care for her and all i want to do is support her but she wont let me help her. Im 24 and shes 20, but shes such a great person to be around when shes on her good days. We have so much fun, enjoy the same things and love a good movie! We went to the doctors a few weeks back and they told her they would like to make another appointment as they believe she will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She refuses to believe it, I try and calm her down but she hates me again and wants to be left alone. So i leave her, let her calm down and a few hours later turn up with flowers hoping shes chilled out. 9/10 she is but the odd time its another argument and she wants me gone. All im trying to do is support her, as well as looking after my 2 year old son. She has a great bond with him but can sometimes push herself away which upsets me but i know deep down its not her. I bend over backwards for her, try to take her out as much as i can, treat her and reassure her how much i care for her. A few hours ago we had an argument and now shes telling me she doesnt want to be with me anymore or no one for that matter and end her life. She doesnt want to wake up, shes wanting to be single and not do anything. This breaks my heart knowing the love fun caring person she was when we met. Can someone please tell me if Its me causing her stress and trying to support her too much? I feel awful, like its all my fault and im genuinely a really caring guy so take everything deeply. I know what she says she doesnt mean but sometimes im like woaaah, thats crazy. Oh she had problems with her mother when she was younger which resulted in her mum running away for 5 months and staying with her boyfriend while leaving her home alone. This really affecting her and shes scared to be alone hence why i like to make sure shes okay. She doesn't go out drinking much but wants to more recently and im just worried shes in a really bad place. I reassure her everyday i will be more than happy to go on this journey with her to support her and be her shoulder to cry on if need be. sadly, her mother doesn't seem to care as much which wounds her too. We literally just planned new year away too and now she doesn't "care" about it or me/my son. Just need some friendly advice and reassurance im doing the right thing. Its so hard but so worth seeing her smile when she comes out her bad episodes.