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Hi, my name is Mike and I have been suffering from dull pressure headaches for over 6 years now. It started while I was in college, after getting my wisdom teeth removed. At first, I didn't even notice the discomfort. I was first aware that I couldn't focus and remember things as well as I used to be able to. After awhile, I noticed there were sore/tender areas around my temple and in certain places on my neck. At first, I just tried to ignore the symptoms and continue working on school work. Over time, I became more anxious about my condition (especially the memory/cognitive effects) and became depressed. I began taking an SSRI, which really just made me care less about my issues, and I have tried ignoring them for a long time. Last year, after being unsuccessful of going off my SSRI (I get anxious about continuing to feel these headaches and having poor thought processes), I decided enough was enough and looking for various solutions. 

My symptoms:

  • pressure on either side of my head, around my temples, that radiates to my forehead, around my eyes, and nose
  • the pressure is pretty constant, but gets worse from the right after I wake up, and generally worse during the day at work (using a computer most of the day)
  • it feels like my muscles' natural position is just more tight, and that as my body pumps blood to the area, it gets even more tight
  • I generally feel disconnected with the world around me, like I am spacey or sleepy or just out of it. And no matter what I do, I can't snap out of it

I continually try to clear my ears, or alleviate the pressure somehow, but obviously it doesn't work.


I'm pretty convinced its physical, not psychological. After research, it seems like some sort of chronic tension headache or more likely, something like a new daily persistent headache. If these symptoms hit home, or anyone thinks they have experienced similar headaches, please feel free to contact me.


Have you talked to a doctor about it?


I too suffer with very similar problems! I have suffered with headaches for almost 8 years now and not a day has gone by without one. I tried many things firstly consulting my doctor, then seeing head specialists undergoing head scans and various tests for them to finally diagnose the condition as NDPH new daily persistent headache. I found that all the medication I was being prescribed never worked and one day a close friend suggested smoking marijuana, at first I was very sceptical about the whole idea but thought what's the harm in trying and what a success it was My headaches suddenly become much milder than before on many occasions they could go away for almost an entire day and night depending on how much I smoked. However it has now been around 3 years since I started smoking and have decided I want to stop, now I don't know weather this is a physiological thing or not but guess what my headaches have suddenly become much more severe and frequent again hence the reason I'm on this site! Trying to find and alternative to weed. So if anyone else has suffered with similar symptoms or has new daily persistent headaches that has found a solution please reply. I'm sick and tired now of being dependant on weed and need an alternative asap! So any advice would be a massive help. Thanks Dan.